Thursday, August 18, 2005


Watched “Starved” on FX the other night. It’s billed as a “dark comedy” about four New Yorkers who have eating disorders: a bulimic black cop; an obese writer, a recovering anorexic (the only female), and a commodities broker who’s a compulsive overeater. They attend a support group where they get yelled at (“It’s NOT okay!”) and get electroshock therapy when they touch their comfort foods. They hang out at a diner and banter a la Seinfeld, sans the comedy. They pull brownies out of the trash can. They go home alone to eat a huge meal with a nice glass of wine…and puke.

This is FX at it’s finest. The network that created "Nip/Tuck" has outdone itself with "Starved." In the first 8 minutes, we’re treated to scenes about male anal stimulation, high colonics, binging and purging, a dominatrix, spanking, electroshock, and penis-shaped baked goods (“a cock cake”). Of course, it all gets wrapped up in 22 minutes.

Frankly, watching "Starved" is a little bit like going to the blues bar. You generally feel better hearing about someone else's problem. Not sure I'll be a regular viewer myself, but I'd recommend you watch it just to see how far the edges of television content are being pushed. It probably won't make you vomit, but likely won't fill you up either. (DWG Weight: 233 lbs.)


The Big Cheese said...

3 things
1) yes Starved is great
2) It's always sunny in Philly, which follow it is also very funny.
3) I would kill you and stuff my brain into your 233lb body if I could. 233 sounds like a ballerina to me.

\ ang \ said...

hmm i haven't seen this starved show yet, but its always sunny in philly IS funny like the big cheese said.

anywho, i'm in wicker park/bucktown here in Chi-Town.

And you're right. I know i needed to leave, but who wants to be the first one?

The DWG said...

Go hang out at Marie's Riptide Lounge on the 1700 block of Armitage (right off the expressway). Plenty of new friends will be waiting there for you.