Thursday, August 18, 2005

Soda ban at schools 30 years too early

Lots of media noise yesterday about the American Beverage Association's announcement of voluntary guidelines to restrict the sale of soda pop in schools. Seems to me like they're missing the point. My 13-year old son plays hockey, football, baseball, basketball, taekwondo, drums and XBOX all day long. He would drink two 2-liters of Sprite every day (if I let him) and never gain a pound. It's physics, people.

He's not the issue. The sale of carbonated sugar water ought to be restricted in offices around the country, where sedentary workers gulp down 140-calorie shots of Coke and Pepsi all day between emails and phone calls. I used to weigh 170 lbs. before I started drinking 5-6 cans of pop at work everday. I never ever ever had soda at school when I was growing up. All we had was warm milk or the drinking fountain to wash down the sloppy joe and swiss steak. Mmmm. Swiss steak. (DWG Weight: 233 lbs.)


Anonymous said...

Swiss steak? Would that be similar to Salisbury Steak?

Bonnie said...

I figure they are thinking that ADULTS should know better than to drink that many sugar loaded beverages per day!

They might start a campaign similar to the tobacco industry and have websites on how to stop drinking sodas to excess...might do about as good as all the websites and info to stop smoking aka Philip Morris

I figure they must feel pretty safe by telling people not to be hooked on their products, since knowing they have you hooked in the first place will keep them from losing you as a customer, no matter how bad they say it is for that smoking, or downing too much mt dew!


The DWG said...

Most adults DO know better. They just don't care. They've had their will broken by long hours, carpal tunnel and ergonomically incorrect chairs. Give me the fizzy, carmel-color beverage!

Re: Salisbury vs. Swiss. They are different, unless prepared by the '70s era cafeteria ladies at EC Stevens Elementary School. Actually, everything was pretty much the same...some sort of meat with gravy there, except on Fridays, which was pizza.

The Big Cheese said...

Am I the only person that actually like the school Meatloaf? When I was a kid the only time we were allowed to drink soda was the last day, Flag Day.

DR68 said...

I got royally bitched out when I was in HS by the "head" lunch lady (Navy bean, navy bean, navy bean) for walking in with a can of coke!!Something about a state law forbidding carbonated beverages in the cafeteria....I took it outside and drank my 4 cartons of warm milk.
I have not drank milk with a meal other than breakfast since school, and I don't mean college.