Monday, August 15, 2005

No wonder I've been feeling so emotional

Wasn't feeling very motivated to exercise today. Read this story, though, which notes, "A fat man undergoes a process of feminization: hormones in the fatty tissue turn into estrogen, the female hormone...Fat men suffer from health problems, have difficulties maintaining relationships, and suffer from prejudice at work - and on top of all this they suffer from sexual dysfunction. A surplus of female hormones, blockage of blood vessels and possible diabetes, shortage of breath - all enemies of the erection and sexual pleasure...Self image problems are worse. The drooping potbelly 'buries' the male organ inside the folds of fat and makes it look smaller." Great. Man-titties, E.D. and a belly that has a "slimming effect" on my penis. Ended up running for 40 minutes. (DWG Weight: 232 lbs.)

1 comment:

American Girl said...

Well, if you haven't suffered from any of that thus far, you're in the clear!

Do ya feel sexy, punk? Well, do ya?